1. Designing and manufacturing of test equipment for mechanical, hydraulic and similar components of aircraft and military equipment
  2. Designing and manufacturing of aircraft Ground Support and Handling equipment
  3. Overhauling, refurbishment and up gradation of military equipment
  4. Fire Proofing and RF shielding of military equipment
  5. Manufacturing of Pre-fabricated insulated sandwich panels and cabins filled with rigid polyurethane material for military applications
  6. Manufacturing and installation of Class-100 type of clean rooms with laminar flow control for overhauling and repair setups
  7. Insulated mobile containers for military applications
  8. Reverse engineering and manufacturing of EOD and IED handling kits
  9. Designing and fabrication of sheet metal parts & structures
  10. Designing and manufacturing of machined parts and fixtures
  11. Designing and manufacturing of electro-mechanical parts and assemblies
  12. Designing and manufacturing of Fire rated doors for military applications
  13. Designing and manufacturing of RF Shielded door and enclosures for military applications
  14. Manufacturing and installation of temperature and dust controlled painting rooms and enclosures
  15. Designing and manufacturing of Dies, Jig & Fixtures for military parts and multiple applications
  16. Manufacturing of replicas and dummy weapons for the purpose of crew training and practice
  17. Handling of Reverse Engineering Projects
  18. Revival of obsolete and outdated military equipment (if required)
  19. Designing, manufacturing and overhauling of Hydraulic systems, which includes:

– Hydraulic Power Packs

– Hydraulic Actuators & Cylinders

– Misc Hydraulic accessories

20. Designing, manufacturing and overhauling of Pneumatic systems which includes:

– Pneumatic Power Packs

– Pneumatic Actuators & Cylinders

– Misc Pneumatic accessories

21. Repair, recovery and overhauling of plant and machinery

22. Prototyping & Testing for development project