Major Development Projects Completed of Defence Nature

  1. Fire rated Doors and Frames for PAEC
  2. Auto Flare Firing Systems for  PAF
  3. Hydraulic Pumps & Actuators for PAC Board Kamra
  4. Portable Lavatory system for C-130 aircraft
  5. VIP Seat Modification in SAAB aircraft
  6. Mobile Display Console for Air Weapons Complex
  7. Multiple Display Console for NDC
  8. Primary Filter for Fresia aircraft Tow Tractor
  9. Glycol Filling Bench for Spada Missile System
  10. Fogging Machines for field operation theaters
  11. MIB test station for PAF, No. 109 AED
  12. Engine adopters for Mirage aircraft , PAF
  13. Engine Guide Rails for Mirage aircraft, PAF
  14. RF shielded racks for AWC, Wah Cantt
  15. Desiccant Reactivation Ovens for AWC, Wah Cantt
  16. Pipe Bending Dies for C-130 aircraft, Kamra
  17. Mirage aircraft servicing Kit for PAF
  18. Air filtration plant for T-82 Tank Engine Test Bed HIT, Taxila
  19. Hydraulic Test Stand for Mirage & F-7P aircraft
  20. Multiple Bomb loading adopters for aircraft
  21. Spare Parts of Hydraulic Pumps and Actuators for PAC Board Kamra
  22. VIP Seat conversion on C-130 Aircraft
  23. In flight Hydraulic monitoring level for C-130 aircraft
  24. Hydraulic Shock absorber for APC M-113 for HIT Taxila
  25. Stand alone Launcher for R-440 Missile
  26. Rapid Response Vehicle
  27. REK Weapon integration GHE & GSE for all PAF Bases